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When Is The Ideal Time In A Man’s Life To Have A Vasectomy?

When is the ideal time in a man’s life to have a vasectomy? There is no age or situation that qualifies as the ideal time. It is different for each man. It’s a personal and very private decision that is usually made with his partner and after much thought.

three year old boy laughing with his parentsWhen Might A Vasectomy Be Right For You

There are situations in life that can make having a vasectomy an optimal choice. 50 million men in the United States have chosen to have one, but is it right for you?

Perhaps with the following situations:

    • You are absolutely certain you do not want any children or any more children.
  • It would be unwise for your partner to have children due to her health issues.
  • You and/or your partner are carriers for genetic disorders that you don’t want to give your children.

In these instances (and more), a permanent birth control method may be right for you.

When Vasectomy Might Not Be Right For You

Most physicians will recommend that you not jump into a vasectomy shortly after a birth. Give it some time and consider all your options.

If you and your partner are still not sure if you want children or any more children, this would not be a good time to make such a permanent decision.

Life throws us curveballs. You might want to wait a bit longer if you’re not married and you just think children are not in your future. When the right time comes, you could change your mind.

How A Vasectomy Works

In simple terms, a vasectomy closes off the tubes that carry the semen from the testicles. After the surgery, sperm cannot leave the testicles.

It is a short and safe procedure.


  • You will only need a day or two to recover.
  • You can return to your normal exercise regimen in 7 days.
  • You can resume having sex in 2 weeks, but must use a form of birth control until tests confirm no sperm are found in your semen.

Final Note

You can reverse a vasectomy within 15 years of the procedure, but it is important to know the procedure is not covered by insurance. Don’t have a vasectomy if there is any chance you might want children in the future. Your only other option is to freeze your sperm before the vasectomy.

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