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Dr. Robert Waguespack is a board-certified urologist specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of urologic conditions. Dr. Waguespack specializes in the treatment of urological conditions that affect both men and women. Our program offers a unique approach to the treatment of urologic conditions and is designed for all patients who suffer from any type of urologic disease – from simple to complex. We provide both innovative surgical and medical treatments while setting a course for long-term management for recovery and prevention.



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When Do Men Need Low Testosterone Treatment?

You have probably seen any number of ads on the television and online about low T. They seem to indicate that this is a growing national problem and all men should begin taking medication to correct their testosterone deficiency and become more “manly men.” It might be time to slow down this growing snowball down the mountain, and look carefully to evaluate when do men need testosterone treatment?… Continue Reading

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