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Bakersfield’s leader in Enlarged Prostate Treatment

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Time To Get Snipped?

Dr. Waguespack provides simple, effective, and relatively pain-free vasectomy options

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Don’t Let Pain Hold You Back

Providing comprehensive care to patients suffering from Kidney Stones

Urologist in Bakersfield, CA

Robert L. Waguespack, MD

Dr. Waguespack’s long-term commitment to the Bakersfield community is to provide the best available patient care, in an area where relationship matters most.

Throughout his long career as a urologist, it’s safe to say that Dr. Robert L. Waguespack has seen just about everything. It’s been a long road for him, one sometimes paved with bad jokes, but Dr. Waguespack never once questioned his decision to practice urology. No other medical field requires more respect given to patients, or demands more trust from a physician.

Besides his military service and more than 20 years of medical experience and publishing numerous articles while serving on multiple committees, this has been Dr. Waguespack’s greatest contribution to our community: a close relationship with patients built on mutual trust and respect.

With this goal in mind, Dr. Waguespack opened a private practice in 1999 to offer discrete, timely, and comfortable care for his patients. While Dr. Waguespack has since built many longstanding relationships with his patients, these relationships also helped Dr. Waguespack and his family to call Bakersfield home.

Since stepping back from his roles as Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, Dr. Waguespack has dedicated more time and energy to building close relationships with patients. Because alongside providing progressive treatment and surgical excellence, Dr. Waguespack’s long-term commitment to the Bakersfield community is to provide the best available patient care, in an area where relationship matters most.

Meet Dr Waguespack

UroLift Center of Excellence

Dr. Robert Waguespack has been designated as a UroLift Center of Excellence for his outstanding work treating patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in Bakersfield, CA.

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5 Stars

This man is incredible. He made a very uncomfortable situation significantly better. I was nervous about my procedure and he helped me reason and make my decision. Once he started the procedure he made sure I was comfortable the whole time and talked to me the whole time about life, kids, and experiences. Would highly recommend.

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